The Super Care facility offers two options for your cats
and their special needs.

Kitty Condos

Super Care's "Kitty Condos" are your cats home away from home. The separate, quiet outbuilding features 5 split level units complete with litter pan and bedding for your cats comfort. Added benfits include and open, naturally lit room with comfy day bed and lots of soft pillows for supervised socialization, play, and lounging.

Private In-Home Suite

For cats that need extra care and human socialization, Super Care offers a private suite in the family home. The spare bedroom comes complete with comfy queen sized bed, window for gazing out at the grassy yard and "family time" in the evenings.

Cat Boarding

Kitty Condo = $15/day

Private In-Home Suite = $20/day
medication =$3.00 more a day