The Super Care facility offers two options for your dogs
and their special needs.

Main Dog Kennel

The main kennel, for well socialized dogs, houses 20, spacious, 10 x 5 x 6 foot enclosures. Set back on the property, the covered building offers natural lighting, open air circulation, companionship, and easy access to the fenced in grassy play yard. Each encloser features raised bedding, portable cargo kennel (if needed for added privacy), fresh air and water at all times.

Special Needs/V.I.P. Dogs

For more sensitive and special needs dogs, Super Care offers a quiet, private, three kennel option, which is adjoined to the family home. Complete with television, here your pet wil recieve the V.I.P. treatment they deserve, whether it be special dietary needs, medication, extra attention, or just a little quiet time.

We love to develope that human bond with our boarded guests and often invite them into our home. Jamesie is even kind enough to share her own room with a special friend.

Dog Boarding
1 Dog = $25/day
2 Dogs = $40 each/day
3 dogs = $60 each/day

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