Super Care Kennels welcomes  our new manager. As super care kennels has grown over the last several year's so to is our staff. Our goal is to continue providing excellent care and services to all our clients. If you have any questions or concerns about our new policies and improvements please contact us at 808-939-7003

Pick Up & Delivery

Super Care Kennels services pets and their owners Island wide. Pick-up and delivery service is available. When you make an appointment with Pam, she will designate a convenient rendezvous point and safely transport your pet to and from the Super Care boarding facility.

Once your pet has arrived they will be assigned a kennel location, made comforatable, and given lots of love and attention to help them feel safe and secure. Your pets enclosure will be labeled with your contact information, pets name, feeding instructions, and any special needs or behavioral considerations.

Experience you can trust

Pam Spencer, a licensed veterinary technician, has years of boarding experience and the expertise to care
for all your pets special needs. From
administering medications, to grooming or specialized treatments. Pam works closely with many of the Big Island veterinary clinics, is highly recommended, and capable of handling any minor or emergency situation.

Activities, Exercise & Play

At Super Care Kennels your pet will receive all the proper nutrition, rewards, and exercise they need. Jamesie Spencer, Activity Director, spends individual quality time with each pet to ensure a happy boarding expereince.

The large fenced in grassy yard provides a perfect place for your pet to sniff, play, run, jump or just relax.

New Prices  
Pick-Up & Delivery
$30 each way

Kitty Condo = $15/day
Private In-Home Suite = $20/day

1 Dog = $25/day
2 Dogs = $20 each/day
3 dogs = $60 each/day

Pets needing medications will be additional charge of 2-5$ per day depending on amount
  Grooming Services
25$ small
45$ medium
60$+ large
5$ nails